TikTok Conspiracy Theories

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  1. Just in time for my period :’)

  2. Chad chad keeps getting better at editing with every video.

  3. My life is always so much better when I delete tiktok. Reels and shorts aren’t as diverse but it’s just more chilling and you don’t spend much time on them. Life actually feels real without tiktok. I think the brain can’t really comprehend being connected to that many strangers.

  4. 🎶 Captian Planet, he’s a sloth 😐 🦥

  5. a conspiracy theory: I made that door latch :O

  6. The red hair❤

  7. I agree with the Teletubbies vacuum cleaner being satan cause I used to have so many nightmares that vacuum would suck me up and eat me

  8. i like that nobody knows what a conspiracy is or how it’s different from a conspiracy theory anymore. the terms have become interchangeable

  9. Not me reversing the video ten times at the part where the ladies where talking about the ocean whatever conspiracy theory because my brain just couldn’t comprehend what they’re saying 😭

  10. “plenty of parasites have tattoos, just look at jeffrey star” 💀 ma’am that burn was CLASS

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