Tik Toks You Can’t Explain

Tik Toks You Can’t Explain! Leave a Like if you took pleasure in and remark what your favorite tiktok meme is!


  1. ⚕️ awkward ⚕️

    Hi Kia I have a fan that you can react too she/he is a big there user on yt aliax wolf

  2. Santiago Lopez Martinez

    That was no tornado

  3. I love your videos

  4. Santiago Lopez Martinez

    It was a dementor

  5. when i saw the peanut butter I thought there would be a cylinder shape hole inside


    For the mug I think it came like that because it looks like words are being spelled

  7. Reverse card disrupter becuse its was a lie it’s switched in know it doesn’t live

  8. “Are you scared of a jar of peanut butter??”

    People with peanut allergies: Y E S

  9. Kinda off topic but I’m in 9th and have some friends who are in 7th and 6th. And the sad thing is, whenever I reference a fine, they don’t even know what I’m talking about. It’s sad.

  10. Chivati-💖 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е🔞

    The peanut butter was freaking creepy. I’ve seen the oil separate (normal), I’ve seen it get holes/tracks through it-but I’ve never seen it move up n down.

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