Tik Toks That Escalated Quickly

Tik Toks That Escalated Quickly! Leave a Like if you took pleasure in and can relate to some of these tiktok memes!


  1. Frezsa Jhamela Avellano

    Is it yummy tho bet she wanted it atleast she got what she deserved that lit just got on her tongue AHAHAHAHHA

  2. Aizen just chilling in the background.

  3. Hey! Cool! First time on your channel and I really liked it. Sorry laptop.

  4. That was Celine Dion that woman was singing to. I would have shot a flare at the hoodlums after spraying them with gas.

  5. Thx for the smiles and chuckles… needed today!

  6. btw did u know that the deth note guy got hit with a reverse card

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