Three Pointers Have Ruined Basketball

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  1. Didn’t daryl invent the 3pt scheme in Houston? Why’s he complaining

  2. Youssef Abi Raad

    Are we going to ignore the soccer player who got kicked out of the team for endless farting? @06:10

  3. One factor is you cant hand check anymore.

  4. 3 pointers are fine, just remove stepbacks

  5. The 3 point line has ruined basketball because it took away the midrange game, which makes the game more boring to watch. It’s either a drive or a 3 pointer now. There’s already zone defense to take away the post up. You don’t need a 3 point line to space the floor anymore.

  6. Life Is A Joke

    Curry ruined the nba matrix

  7. Just like Lebron….this guy is the GOAT

  8. What has steph done

  9. what was that guy talking about? “phoenix were the better team but dallas survived because of threes” that’s like Man City fans(soccer reference) saying “City were clearly the better team but real madrid scored lucky goals” they are apart of the game and plus you wouldn’t be complaining if those things were going in favour for your team

  10. Montreal Sports Fan

    Great video, as always. However, I/question the math you provided. I would suggest that you made the case for why the 3-pt shot is overvalued. Players attempted far more of this difficult shot without efficacy dropping. So much so that efficiencies have increased in the « easier » shot.

    Defences had to adapt. This opened up the 2-pt.

    To balance the game, pushing back the line to 25-ft would definitely help. Defensively you guard the corner three, but the new line at 25-ft helps defend the top of the arc.

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