Thor: Love and Thunder – Movie Review

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Taika Waititi comes back to the MCU to give us the comedy/drama/space action-adventure THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER! Do the elements mix together in a satisfying way? Here is my review!



  1. Interesting how Jeremy’s ratings for thor got lower and lower

  2. Doc James Burton

    Wow you are definitely seeing a glass half empty here. I thought this film went in so many different directions as it needed to. From fun, to dumb, to romantic to sad to straight horror. It was fun when it needed to, it was serious when it needed. Surpassed expectations tbh

  3. robert harrison

    Thank you for this. I will NOT be going to see it.

  4. Everyone complaining about Ragnorak and Love & Thunder being to funny at the cost of the character “Thor” yet they forget how the first Thor sucked.
    Thor as a character is boring and too serious. So it’s a welcome sight at this Thor

  5. Instagram: JfredyB

    I was thinking this movie might save the mcu from the mess it has become. I can’t believe how disappointed I was with Multiverse of Madness. I can read between the lines, Jeremy. I won’t waste time on this movie.

  6. the movie sucks ballz… just as much as this channel

  7. Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    Thank you for the review Jeremy! I was thinking about going to the movies for this, but knowing that it does have more jokes than the 3rd one it’s a Disney+ movie for me!

  8. When you the love triangle between the Thor and the hammers I started laughing 😂

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