This Winter Storm Will Be Hectic…

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  1. Y’all – 0 – Meters are the best snow measurement device on earth. I would really appreciate it if you got one & sent pics when it snows!
    Get a Y’all – 0 – Meter Here:
    with code “PLEASESNOW” for 11% off (through the 26th)

  2. °•mrš_łunår•°

    I’m in Texas, luckily we’re probably only gonna get rain and cold temperatures, guess I’ll get my hoodie for school tomorrow.

  3. Ain’t nothing to us Minnesotans

  4. Hooray For “Global Warming” And Here’s To Greta Thunburgs Winter Coat, Hat And Gloves !!

  5. Sadly, this video is just more fear mongering climate alarmism. Go out and live life to the best of your ability. Sadly, you can’t control everything in life, something science type people don’t like.

  6. Me: sees this vid and gets excited to finally/hopefully get a decent snow… from Arkansas and will most likely just get tornados 😞

  7. Its all BS

  8. SMToon Entertainment

    Have checked multiple times today waiting for this exact video. Thank you, Ryan and team!

  9. That ice is about to mess some stuff up. Buckle in power and cable workers.

  10. We always look forward to your weather updates

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