This Was Ahead of its Time!

Top 3 Gadgets that have been in advance of their time, and why they will resurface in our future 👀

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Tech I’m using at present:


  1. Imagine the last idea of your phone being your laptop implemented where the phone is placed where a touchpad would be and the screen is then used as a touchpad. Obviously has issues for upgradability, but would be so smooth

  2. His power level is over 9000!

  3. Make War Not Love

    Where is Google Duplex?

  4. Gurgel was a brazillian car company that did electric car for cheap in the 70s. It didn’t take off because people were DUMB and they prefer external companies over national stuff

  5. I feel Xbox Kinext was ahead of its time. Imagine hooking that up to a PS VR or something of the sort, you actually feel like a character. No controllers needed.

  6. Google glasses died because is was super expensive

  7. What about the Motorola Moto Z with all the attachments? speaker, camera, and battery

  8. NO ONE wants to be a GLASSHOLE

  9. World building for 5e D&D

    VR/AR will deal with the hardware issue. Something like Google glass connecting to a phone would get read of all that out dated tech.

  10. I always loved the “phone as a computer” idea. I had an ASUS Padfone back in the day and i loved it. There is so much more potential now.

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