This Video Breaks Youtube.

How you may ask? Well the 2022 youtube algorithm is a distinct animal with many fun exploits and algorithm system faults that allow us to influence it for intense outcomes. One such manipulation is watchtime! This is a terrific way for youtube to look at if a video clip is clickbait or so intriguing folks see it for longer possibly even replaying parts of it! So when a video clip has relatively high watch time in analogy to other video clips then the youtube algorithm likes to push it!

So today the spiffing brit exploits youtube with the 0.5x playback speed make the most that will double the amount of watch time the video gets. So watch as the youtube algorithm explained leads to some perfectly balanced results! After all youtube seo is not needed when you ask how to grow on youtube with this completely unusable meta youtube algorithm hack!

What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience. If you enjoyed this why not watch our community post exploit detailing how to get more views or our steam sale exploit cheesing the summer sale!

00:00 – You Must Watch in 0.5x Speed
00:12 – What Is Going On
00:22 – The Exploit
00:36 – The Youtube Algorithm
00:50 – New Youtube Meta?

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  1. The Spiffing Brit

    *Everything Is Perfectly Balanced With No Exploits*

  2. 1,627,030th view

  3. 1.6 mil viewer gang wya

  4. I watched in regular speed because I have other things Id rather watch, but I still understood it perfectly, great info, bleh.

  5. N26 in trending, 1M6 views rn

  6. I Am watching at .25 speed lol

  7. I’m an old viewer, but i’m not watching all videos. This was my #1 recommended lmao

  8. The awesome General

    1628699 cool

  9. Izzy May IS ready

    I love how causally and pretty often spiff just breaks sht we use on daily basis

  10. 1,629,396

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