This Vertical Slab is in Vanilla Minecraft

They removed vertical one-half slabs from Minecraft, so I’m going to add them back!

Summon Vertical Slab inside of Item Frames (rather than above it like in the video clip):
/execute at @e[type=minecraft:item_frame,distance=..5] run summon minecraft:falling_block ~ ~-0.5 ~ Time:-1000000,NoGravity:1,BlockState:Name:”minecraft:stone”

Kill Item Frames:
/kill @e[type=minecraft:item_frame,distance=..5]

+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= S O C I A L S +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=

+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= C R E D I T S +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=

Video: Mysticat / MysticatLive
Resource Pack: Vanilla Tweaks
Shaders: Sildur’s Enhanced Default

+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= E X T R A S +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=

😺 You discovered the secret description cat! :O
Comment “i discovered the secret cat” or he will curse your feed with not seeing new Mysticat videos!


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  2. I challenge you to make a perfect triangle in vanilla minecraft.

  3. Next: This car is in vanilla minecraft

  4. You can use an invisible shulker for hitbox

  5. Vertical half slab: exists
    Mojang: That’s not allowed here
    Mysticat: hold my beer

  6. Why don’t they just add the vertical slabs to the game? Everyone would like that. Just imagine how many details you can make with them.

  7. Caticorn 🐈🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  8. why you sound like mrbeast?

  9. make a triangle

  10. i found the secret cat

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