This Took Us 2 Years to Make!

We live up in the Canadian woods and with 3 acres of unusable land it was time to get some landscaping tools & make better use of our space 🌲 🚜 Head to our link to get 5 travel packs & FREE one-year supply of vitamin D3K2 drops with your first purchase of AG1

This project was made SO MUCH MORE FUN with the addition of our Australian bestie Max! Make sure you give him a follow @MaxandOccy and watch his episode from his time with us at the cabin.

0:00 watch this space!
2:35 soil screen fail
4:30 Eamon & Max begins 🤸‍♀️
8:11 poor Bec 😔
12:51 23 week bump date
14:25 Max broke our brand new tractor!!!
17:06 mullets for everyone 😆
24:40 SOD MAN ⚡️

We first moved to our cabin in the woods back in 2020 and got stuck into the interior renovation projects. It took us nearly a year to turn a run down 1970s cabin into our dream home and oasis in the woods. Slowly we’ve been chipping away at exterior projects like this one. Over the course of 1 year we transformed unusable, rocky ground into a grassy area we know our kids will love playing games on in the future!


  1. Can you believe what a difference a year can make?! Not only in landscaping… but in life!? It was so surreal to edit this footage of me (Bec) living through chemo and breast cancer just a year ago and now jump forward to a healthy pregnancy ❤. Hopefully it can remind us all that we should just keep going. Sending love to everyone watching today!!

    • I’m so glad you have come out the other side of your cancer journey.
      My beautiful sister in law has just recently been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and the prognosis is very bad. But there is a very small chance she could respond better than average to treatment and maybe get through it. That small bit of hope is keeping us going. Seeing you not just cancer free but also healthily pregnant is a huge ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark time. ❤

    • The Wallace Reboot

      Yes!!! You guys are truly an inspiration. We’re over here deep breathing through some hard, hard stuff after a rollover accident 3weeks ago tonight! My 15 yr old that introduced me to your channel years ago, was hurt and is still in the hospital. She has developed a real belief in deep breathing!! I’m so proud of her and how calm she remained while stuck in the car!!

  2. I’m glad Max has the ability to grow his hair back quick!

  3. Becca I had the same cold in August and it kicked my ass! I had the luxury of being able to take cold meds and pain killers unlike a pregnant beauty. Hope you have rebounded.

  4. ❤ aww look at that baby 🍼 bump 💖 you got more of a glow now hope you feel better soon.

  5. 22:52 what the fuck was that?!?! Are people that scared of transparency 😂

  6. Lail Sevick M Tornetto

    You guys are a hoot!

  7. Tina Louise Henderson

    The space looks great. Bec’s bump looks even more amazing!

  8. Warrenty??!

  9. How do I get a Max?!?! 🌼🌿 I don’t think they grow such things in the Appalachias. (Just curious…asking for a friend…😂😊😉)

  10. Looks amazing x

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