This Speedrunner was persuaded he could beat me in a race

THANKS @Linkus7 for the Breath of the Wild Lockout Race 🙂

Edited by: Devine_CMD

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  1. This was such an intense and fun race, I hope you all will enjoy! If you guys are interested in more Speedrunning content you can check out my channel as well! ^^

  2. Either that 9th mount was actually considered by whoever made that goal, or it was the biggest brain play I’ve ever seen.

  3. T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    Your videos are so great! Always fun to watch them while I’m procrastinating my college homework 😀

  4. the little fomicidae is too stronk

  5. Bless his heart, he isn’t constantly praising himself or talking about his skill, and he has enough self awareness to make fun of his own mistakes. These are the kinds of gamers that not only make the community better, but actually help advance gaming as an interest.

  6. that lanayru korok seed one was so hype. I genuinely sat up when Linkus got to 13 and Ant passed by that one place he was looking for

  7. Damn I want to see the rematch

  8. Nicholas Brewer

    *There’s a golf minigame?* *WHAT*

  9. Smant really is so much better at the quick bingo routing. Like Linkus is a fantastic speed runner but you could make a drinking game out of how much he says “I cant believe I just …”

  10. 8:15 “that dude was just walking on the air” he says while walking on the air

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