This Speedrunner Is About To Make History

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  1. Add me in Naraka – ‘karljobst’ so we can play. You will have to carry me though 😀

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    • @2QIK4U GAMES – (2QIK4U) yeah man, they have a section in every new Nintendo Power magazine about notable speedrunners.

    • I respect the grind but please try to stay away from predatory gacha games for sponsors

    • Do you get paid by download or by time played?
      Honest question

    • Certified Fn Hater

      Just an idea. Next time your attempting a run, don’t look at the clock. Just run the whole fame thing. Even if you do one part not so well, keep going and think of the rest as practice. It could take the pressure of doing a full run off you.

    • @Colby Price-Lampkin If his hands start shaking then it’s a physiological problem, not a psychological one, and psychologists can do nothing to help him. From my experience only maybe certain drugs could help with such problems, maybe anti-convulsants could help him or something, but these need to be prescribed and they may have side effects.

  2. So basically WeeGee is Real

  3. I think you underestimate how difficult sblj and DDD skip can be

  4. Jeez really kind of you to make this video, Karl. No pressure on the poor kid or anything hahaha.

    Kidding obviously – much love for the fantastic content. Not that I’d expect anything less from your channel at this point.

  5. Have you heard about people using medications like benzos to perform under stress? Not that I would EVERRRR recommend that. lol. But, …. if you want the record… heh

  6. L'Humanoide Errant des Internets

    No offense, but if you asked me what the most competitive and iconic speedrunning game is, I would answer the original Super Mario Bros before Mario 64. Still an impressive achievement though.

  7. Numbered--Weighed--Divided

    Thanks, dude

  8. This dude is basically the Michael Phelps of the speedrunning. Out of nowhere the guy is getting records in multiple modalities lol

  9. Awesome coverage, a new clip from you is a good day!

  10. You’re sort of underrating how incredible Suigi’s record is in 16 star and what his potential is. Suigi’s 16 star record is a full 9 seconds ahead of 2nd place. He’s closing in on being the first to break the 3x barrier while nobody else has gotten 4x.

    Then Suigi is also top 5 in 70 star.

    Suigi’s potential is so high, and his 16 star record is so dominant, I’d put the odds better for Suigi to get 5/5 before anyone else, even though he hasn’t touched 120 star yet.

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