This Pokimane Situation is Awful


  1. Wait, girls watch Pokimane? I thought it was just a bunch of desperate guys.

  2. I bet she’s lying to correct a shot from that guy and hide some stuff under the rug.
    kinda sus, her story dosent make any sens

  3. How tf did bro get so high in twitch and this was his master plan💀

  4. I mean he can literally go to prison for that, right? 🙂

  5. Cant Think Of A Username


  6. This happened to other streamers and non streamers as well. They use this tactic, “Victim in middle” and so called “Victim Blackmailing”. Using these to manipulate them thinking they’ll like them for posting inappropriate things or blackmailing. This is a level 100 creep. Psychologically, they’ve been “lonely” or antisocial for years to decades. Once they see a pretty person, they’ll be too nice to them, sending money, so they want to be attention with a certain person (streamers and nonstreamers). If they did not respond from them, they’ll blackmail them by sending nudes or photoshop of them, so they’ll get there attention. And then they’ll saying “I love you” or something like that. This happened to many cases similar to pokimane.

  7. Sultry Pineapple

    I think the saddest part is that this shit sadly doesn’t just happen, it works. I truly do not understand the female mind.

  8. Not naming the perpetrator before official legal proceedings is done in order to stop defamation before this is resolved.

  9. Dude felt like he might be able to get with the other girls if they believe that he’s been with their queen bee bc if he’s good enough for her then why wouldn’t he be good enough for them. As for him trying to convince her community that he sleeps with her was literally just to show off to all her little simps that he’s HIM😂 weirdo

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