This “perpetual motion” device is really clever

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Perpetual motion is impossible but this device simulates what it might look like and it uses some really clever engineering.

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  1. I decided not to get into why perpetual motion isn’t possible. Would you like to see a separate video about that?
    The sponsor is Incogni: The first 100 people to use code SCIENCE at the link below will get 60% offi:

    • @Uryendel That’s becasue you’re incapable of seeing. Perpetual motion violates the laws of thermodynamics and the law of conservation of energy. Perpetual motion is impossible. And no, none of Newton’s laws imply that PM is remotely possible. I suggest a remedial high-school physics course. Good day sir.

    • @Craig Jacobs Again, what part does it contradict? It’s quite funny you’re not able to explain why it’s wrong, maybe because you didn’t read them properly, or you didn’t get to primary school to learn what “equal” means and the difference with the word “more”

      Also I never talked about Newton.

    • I’m already waiting for it.

    • @Uryendel I did explain it – you just aren’t capable of understanding it.

    • @Craig Jacobs no you didn’t, you just said law of thermodynamics, you never pointed out how it was contradicting them, and you keep going around and around because you don’t know shit

  2. Caleb Begly Fun and Tech

    I’ve had one of these devices from Back To Nature for several years, and it’s so much fun

  3. loved the technology connections cameo ahahhaha

  4. 1:06 wait a
    minute! xD we all know that background from somewhere!😅

  5. I love the 9:47 mark… TechnologyConnections is one of my favorite subscriptions. I’m glad to see he’s recognized.

  6. Niw I know exactly how Baby on Dinosaurs felt when the scientist said “We’re going to need another Timmy!”.
    He said the thing!
    I love it, keep finding the magic in buying two of them.

  7. Oh darn, it was like having Penn and Teller show how a trick is done but all the while they were performing a different trick. So just how does green screen work (just joking). Very entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

  8. The hardest part about designing a perpetual motion machine is finding out where to hide the battery.

  9. Immediate thumbs up for the Technology Connections impersonation 🤣

  10. Bravo William! If I ever buy one, I will definitely get it from you!

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