This Nineteen Seventies tank simulator drives through a small world

At the Swiss Military Museum in Full, there is the last remaining occurence of a Nineteen Seventies tank-driving simulator. But there is no virtual worlds here: it is attached to a real camera and a real miniature model. ■ More about the museum:

Camera: Tobias Buchmann
Producer: Sebastian Capeda at Viven
Audio mix: Dan Pugsley (my microphone failed inside the really noisy simulator; he did a spectacular job!)


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  2. That was cool! a big congrats to the Swiss Military

  3. Remo Fuchs <— best machismo name everr yeah yeah I’m sure it’s pronounced differently but it sounds better like macho man

  4. The fact that they replaced the computer with a raspberry pi is quite amusing to me

  5. The variety of interesting stuff Tom films is mind blowing. Excellent work

  6. The US Army had helicopter simulators that used the same technology.

  7. I was told to disable it in most places here

  8. Amazing tech, thank you for showing it to the internet!

  9. Me thinking of Whistlin Diesel’s last video

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