This MTB was in portions! We made it entire, then gave it away

This Diamondback Release 29 MTB was just about a pile of parts in my storage unit. With miscellaneous parts from the parts bin, our partners, and Facebook marketplace, we will build this into a full bike and contribute it to a terrific cause.

Thanks Cane Creek!
Helm MKII AIR 29″
Hellbender 70 Headset

Diamondback Release 29

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Support Berm Park! The free public bike park that YOU can ride! Join my Patreon and 100% of the proceeds go in the direction of financing this. Manufacturing at the moment VERY underway!


  1. What a fantastic organization! Such a great idea. 👍

  2. Awesome video.

    What’s that bike stand you used when you stared at the bike?

  3. you can fashion a decent cable jank using cable clamp of cheap band brake or caliper brake. grind them off a bit and they will work just okay.

  4. Give me one

  5. Always a good guy you are, Seth!!! Good job and keep it up!!! 🤙

  6. Anyone know where to get those teal cable clips he used?

  7. 17 on trending…. Damn

  8. I was really hoping you’d give it a run on the trail! Thanks for your support of vets!

  9. Today is tomorrow is not a phrase that I thought I could hear from Seth 😂

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