this look impacted my life

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YALL BETTER REMEMBER THIS ONE!!!!! WHY WERE WE ALL OBSESSED W ACACIA BRINLEY WHY WAS SHE THE BLUEPRINT i was having intuitive flashbacks while viewing this tutorial back….. we have come thus far, team. TUMBLR ERA IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS LIKE A FULL MOON IN BROSKI NATION, THE DARK ARTS ARE AT PLAY!!!!

thanks as ever to Mr Man himself @lastmanstanley for editing my video clips and keeping me exceedingly modest .

shortly after filming this i fell into a bunny hole of rewatching old acacia video clips and wow what a time to be alive



  1. Please I still have the renaissance and the peach pallet 😭😭

  2. Brittany talking about arctic monkeys ( specifically about RLIDAS) has just increased my life expectancy, do it again plz

  3. WAIT…. THIS LOOK…. THIS WAS WHAT ALL THE GIRLS DID!!!!! when i was 14 I didn’t get how all the girls looked the same…. this is how… 🤯

  4. Not quite Sheffield but I’m from Blackpool which is like 3 hours away and I LOVE YOU

  5. I’m gonna set 23:51 as my lock screen 😂

  6. Sheffield girlie 😔🫡🕺😌

  7. I’m new to the channel but I wish I had found him sooner. His dry humor, the roasting of his peers, the commentary about random things, his genius fight strategies…. I love it. May his family find comfort in this sad time >:-O

  8. I wish I could like time stamps of your videos.

  9. Brittany becoming a deftones fan is so weird yet understandable and i love it

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