This is the reason WHY ACTIVISION / CALL OF DUTY Doesn’t want to cooperate with the DOC!

► ALEX & Tokyo Rose – Onslaught


  1. of course these people are all the same… you arent allowed to have a different opinion, or think for yourself at these ‘progressive’ companies.

  2. It’s called tough Love

  3. You don’t use the Stream Proof Cheats doc. So you’re not invited

  4. bet mw2 is gonna be straight trash

  5. I saw the trend years ago and never bought a game from them. It’s so sad how corporate greed has ultimately been the sole focus rather than quality and consumer happiness. This trend can be seen in almost every business now today. Entertainment and games are meant to be fun and enjoyable. Meant to be something you play after a stressful day at work or just relax with friends. Instead it’s competitive, greedy, irritating, and most times broken and rushed content. I shouldnt have to sit back, pick up my game, and have to grind for 4+ hours a night just to get anywhere significant in a game

  6. Doc shouldn’t even watch videos of cod

  7. You’re the best. COD without Doc is incomplete to me

  8. The fact that Activision knows all the streamers who hack and don’t care whatsoever because it makes them $ is disgusting

  9. Wow u really ratting put here

  10. You try to be bigger than a major league gaming company

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