This Is TOO MUCH Snow…

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  1. This genuinely made me smile. I love this, it makes me feel 12 again and back in 2013.

  2. Up to 10ft is what I heard.

  3. It looks better than what I have in Florida right now , it’s beautiful ❤️ not the first time this has happened. As a kid we loved it .

  4. My roommate literally just arrived in Buffalo for Thanksgiving break

  5. I heard they moved the Buffalo game to Ohio

  6. Notice the weather avoids Chicago totally. Cowardly

  7. the fact i really want to play with them some time makes me so happy

  8. We’re gonna need a bigger y’all-o-meter!!

  9. Are you just an amature meteorologist, because you have yet to let me down!

    Told my coworkers, “we’re getting snow in a couple weeks” they all laughed at me because it was 85°. Sure enough, parts got dumped on(well for the first snow) and we got flurries all day!

  10. Ryan Hall is “America’s Meteorologist” and with the best personality too! He makes all the boring details……….fascinating!

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