this is the prettiest makeup I have ever seen


list of petitions to sign, numbers to call, and foundations to contribute to:

I in addition want to state elated pride, I hope you feel liked and supported always 🤍


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  1. I will watch every trump add for you:)

  2. i reread twilight AND rewatched the movies during quarantine… had no idea it was a quarantine trend. the fact that people are doing this and had the same idea to fall back into the twilight hole is scary lmao. maybe quarantine made us all revert to our pre-teen selves?

  3. The reason these products just “bounced off” your skin was because you had other oils underneath that just didn’t go with these particularly

  4. Violetta _Chromatica

    Girl I’m a simp for you ❤

  5. Cake face

  6. Elf released a “putty eyeshadow primer” which is super similar to mac paint pots and it really helps prevent creasing it also makes a really tacky base so the color payoff is great. Would recommend.

  7. Not one ad popped up

  8. 19:51 anyone else hear “sweet slover”??

  9. “I am so uninterested in 99.9% of men” is how I feel all the time girl

  10. I love all of this but be careful, YouTube is pretty strict about advertiser fraud, and other videos that encourage their viewers to watch the ads to make more AdSense have been demonetized.

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