This is the New King of Bad Isekai

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  1. I would give a like, I am giving a dislike solely because of “nucelar”. Twice.

  2. I’m kinda confused. Cause this seems to be shitting on the show. But the show seems very aware and the ridiculous parts seemed to be deliberate. So to me that makes it less cringe. Idk, this review left me unsure on why you’d make fun of it. Cause it’s comedy and deliberate. Like the whole making up shit and it being true. Maybe I’m just stupid or my autistic brain can’t understand the reason to shit on a show. Which imo balances out over the top with comedy and self awareness that create a great isekai show. The trope I hate with harem in anime is. The guy is rarely if at all interested in any of the beautiful women who like him. I would love it if they actually liked women.

  3. Not gona lie… i love this show.

  4. Best Manga!!!

  5. The only thing i don’t like about the show is that wasn’t necessary to make it a high school story

  6. I am atomic scene is still funny

  7. This will never be mushoku tensei cause it’s way better

  8. Where can you watch it

  9. Alejandro De Rienosa

    Eh. I enjoyed it. It was an ok parody atleast.

    Dudes a full blown chunnibyo. Anyways there are worst animes with no plot at all that are more cringy if not down right bad.

  10. i read the manga and gave up cause it made me cringe too much but i think im gonna give the anime a chance cause the VA of “atomic” has me crying 💀💀

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