This is Starting to Get Ugly

We doin this a couple times 7 days, every week!

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  1. The reason everybody was in disbelief about when the Sabonis pick is because he is Russian and the US and Russia were at high tensions during the time

  2. Namlas Yruhdwohc

    202 Olympics (ik it’s a mistake)

  3. Why isn’t LeBron or zion the best player from the bucks(I can’t spell his name forgive me) there it would be different just saying

  4. I think the announcer reaction was bc of Sabonis being from the Soviet Union and the Cold War was still happening, still messed up tho

  5. nba players dont really take the regular season seriously and its showing.. lack of intensity

  6. Injuries happen, surely you know that.

  7. KingAnonymous 18

    8:55 this was so surprising

  8. Twin Turbo Only

    Difference is they dont get paid millions upon millions to play for their career. Lol. It’s an extended All-Star game for them all. Plus King James isnt playing. *shrugs*

  9. I mean yes other international programs have gotten better, but if the USA was putting a roster out of their 10 very best players, they wouldnt be loosing these games, due to injury caution and other reasons it just doesn’t feel like very best prioritize the Olympics anymore

  10. i love it

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