This is one of the worst gags in NHL history

This year’s NHL playoffs are still shocking as we had Game 7 of the Boston Bruins vs the Florida Panthers. We are going to cover Boston’s additional time loss and more on today’s NHL hockey video clip!


  1. Steven Salopree

    THis is oilers YEAR!!!!!!

  2. This was the biggest choke in history but the cbj sweep was the biggest upset

  3. Editing Basket

    We like Hockey here, try pushing it in your other channels. and that’s what you get for voicing cringe jack lol.

  4. lmaoo

  5. As a devil’s fan, I can’t imagine the agony of defeat. As a DU grad, I really wanted to see Jim Montgomery lift a cup after his battles. What an awesome finish, but damn you gotta feel bad for Patrice. Epic game though.

  6. Yeet_Crafter18

    I honestly thought Boston would at least make it to the Conference Finals…turns out they didn’t… :l

  7. The Kraken won against the Avs. What is this timeline!?

  8. Bruins are overrated

  9. AS a Leafs fan I feel your pain.

  10. Alexandros Stroutzas

    As a leaf fan I hope they got the curse

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