This Giannis Block On Deandre Ayton Had NBA Twitter Going WILD

Giannis came up CLUTCH in Game 4 as he swatted Deandre Ayton to tie the series at 2-2.

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  1. James Konnovitch

    the block by Giannis is now an NBA historical archive!

  2. Lebron without a doubt has the best block. Not even close

  3. BallLikeRay Doloritos

    Let’s go gianis 2 more wins to go

  4. Man that ish was as clean as a whistle.

  5. That’s a big time block…dayumm

  6. Reynaldo Ranola

    Giannis is a great player. If only he could stop that annoying free throw routine. The game is already long. Don’t make it longer.

  7. Middleton with a dribble double -_-

  8. @Trumero The Tru That pass doesn’t matter though, either way Iggy was going for the layup and if it was a lob, Lebron could just swat it. If anything it was a good pass.


    Woooow MashAllah

  10. This is the best lebrons was overrated blocked low and the board his was top of the square

  11. Nothing special about that! It was just a block

  12. I’ve seen better blocks just ask Bill Russell

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