This Game Makes You FUSE Pokemon

This Pokemon Infinite Fusion, the Pokemon Fangame that enables you to fuse any two pokemon together to create 176,000 different mixtures. Watch as I lose my mind over how cool, eerie, and strange some of these designs are. Enjoy!

#pointcrow #pokemon #fusion


  1. hi hi it would mean the world to me if you guys voted me for the streamer awards! Best Speedrun Streamer AND Best Streamed Event: THANK YOU SO MUCH

  2. How do you play it?

  3. Chat taking over stream at one point was adorable LMAO

  4. I am thoroughly disappointed that you didn’t try double Gardevoir and double Lopunny as well as Gardevoir plus Lopunny. Or any of the two plus Vaporeon.
    The ultimate horny memes were missed! And I cannot find these online either and I don’t like playing Pokemon tbh so I won’t find out myself q.q

  5. my fav so far

  6. This has gotta be his funniest video yet.

  7. Just hearing the phrase “Biblically Accurate Tauros” gave me a laughing fit.
    Like, instead of shouting its name, it shouts “BE NOT AFRAID”

  8. I only he got a cubone

  9. Dr. Dave's Painting Laboratory

    Too bad you can’t make a Brindle fly

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