This Early 2000’s Dating Show Is Pure Insanity

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I very recently stumbled upon an old dating show from the early 2000’s called “Chains of Love” and I knew I had to make a video clip about it. Enjoy!



thanks for viewing!

remark “quit being such a steph” if ur perusing this!



  1. Marty kristnmasse

  2. just watched this video while i was drunk af. it was a wild ride from beginning to end. %100 recommend it

  3. pls why do I wanna watch the rest of the series

  4. Making videos making fun of people from 20 years ago now. That is what people have resorted to. Just imagine another 20 years from now when people are laughing at these YTers the same way. Heck, I am laughing at them already.

  5. Magma But Pineapple

    10:06 LMAOOO

  6. PLEASE do another video about this show. It was (sadly) one of the most entertaining things I’ve seen in a long while lmao

  7. Double cheeked uppppp 🤣

  8. When he mentioned singing game shows I really hoped he would play native new yorker

  9. I’m sorry but that scarlapse music at the beginning was fucking on point

  10. Rest in Jason!!!! He was so cute out of all of them!!💕

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