This Channel Is Changing!

It was not simple to come to this decision but I know in my heart it is what is best for me, my creativity and the final product. And to be very honest, I’m really excited about it. I have so many ideas in my mind that I haven’t been able to execute on such a rigid schedule and I’m excited to be able to live through the creative process a bit more and bring them to life. I appreciate all your support over the years and can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. #TEAMSUPER FOR LIFE.

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Thanks for watching and don’t forget to keep smiling. You’re worth it! xoxo


  1. Alternate_reality_

    I’m really happy about the decisions you’ve made. It’s in a way inspired me. 😀 I’ll always be a subscriber no matter what 😀

  2. Every YouTuber in 2019. The whole it’s not you it’s me, however posting videos for you exhausts me so the whole content is changing??

  3. It’s amazing to see you so happy. Do whatever you need to do❤️❤️

  4. Your salary is now correct with the “male” marks

  5. Im so proud of you for this. I think this is how Youtube should be, just people really working harder on things and showing really important things. To quote my new fave Marie Kondo “Just keep things that spark joy!” I also would rather watch videos less often but that are more exciting and cool and that you’ve worked harder on than frequent “okay” videos!! Keep going my girl Superwoman!

  6. Feels like she’s going trough a tough time… She looks tired/exhausted (maybe depression) and it feels like she’s trying really hard to be happy… Something about her feels off

  7. Resubscribed ?

  8. The Sly Messenger

    Is she finally deleting her channel

  9. NickoJunior BJMUSIC

    2019 is a lazy year for yu ?

  10. Ok girl, listen: I know you grew up, I know you changed (cuz that’s what happens in life), I know your goals are different, and I am glad you are pursuing your happiness, I’m glad you want to do things that excite you, but these things might not be what excites me anymore. I can’t relate with you anymore. I find myself eye rolling whenever I do force myself to check out any of your new videos. And it’s sad. It feels like I’ve lost a friend. Ever since you published your book and went on tour with it (I did see you in NYC and you were still cute and insecure, and relatable), probably the same time you started getting more and more business offers, you started changing, and the poor struggling me can not relate with you anymore and I can’t find escape from my daily life in your videos. But that’s just how life goes, I guess. Like friends who graduate and barely see each other. I just wish you wouldn’t kill Superwoman. Cuz I don’t care about your collabs , your clothes line, your charitable work (I’m selfish I know), your production company. All I wish I still had is Superwoman making videos in her room. Good bye, Superwoman!

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