This Changes RGB Forever

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  1. Linus’s fingers are so small he could be POTUS.

  2. This changes RGB forever

    *thinks it is a tiny chocolate bar*

  3. This is RGB LED. Not “RGB”. Thought u were referring to RGB display technology or something.

  4. I thought the thing in the thumbnail was chocolate. Guess I’m hungry

  5. PowderedPixles mcDust

    I’m kinda starting to feel like he’s trying to sell me something.

  6. If they wanted higher resolution why not just use cheap OLED bars

  7. I never really cared much about rgb but k

  8. So what is the point of dense rgb if it is separated by black plastic???

  9. Ivan 23 Caravantes

    Ok I dont need that unless I’m gonna show it off. Can I put it on my Tesla?

  10. This is some real crazy shit, mounting the leds to the pcb, what, how the fuck is this even possible, this is some real innovative shit right here.

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