This 1 Pixel Gap Can Ruin Your Minecraft Builds

Dodge these Minecraft building evildoings at any cost!

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Character drawn by @MagnaGallina



  1. Me:makes modern stairs because I am one rare person who plays with auto jump

  2. Definitely a person

    Mumbo Jumbo is back!

  3. skip, you *should not do a 3 block tall ceiling* as it allows endermen to teleport in there. you should use top slabs on the roof to look good and be enderman proof.

  4. a dragon egg under a quartz slab looks like a lamp

  5. “I think you can see what’s wrong with this house.” Me yeah you made it out of birch wood.

  6. 7:25 “dark spaece”

  7. It’s funny, I used dirt as insulation for my second branch of slime manor. It looks so cool, I lit up all the outside and gated my land so it’s absolutely safe from any mobs. Had to do it because of moving villagers to my mansion so it’s not so empty.

  8. u know that the desser villager have all ways heve a same badge on the lower right and can u explain why cuz i dont munderstand

  9. RIP technoblade

  10. lantern > torch

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