Think it is time we did a gender unveil

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  1. Nah this is just getting better and better

  2. im surprised you can still make babies with all that lead in gfuel

  3. So unreal Felix and Marzia are going to have a mermaid

  4. It feels so surreal to think you’re gonna have a baby soon. I can still remember when I was 14 watching your horror gameplays, and here I am now, 1 year away from graduating from college and still watching your content. Time sure does does fly. I wish you and your family the very best Felix.

  5. So what’s the gender?????

  6. Its crazy how time flies by. I remember watching pewds horror videos as a kid. Now hes having a KID!!

  7. Ogkushbreath LVK

    For anybody wondering its a boy

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