Things are changing at the world’s oldest hotel

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is not just the world’s oldest hotel, but the world’s oldest still-operating business. Or at least, that’s one way of looking at it. But things are changing here, just like they always have. ■ The hotel:

Local producer: Yasuharu Matsuno at Mind Architect
Camera: Julian Domanski

An accessible English dub is available for anyone unable to read subtitles; you can turn it on in your device’s player settings. It’s experimental and using an AI-generated voice, so it’s a long way from perfect, and I can’t guarantee it’ll be available for future videos, or even for this one long-term! But hopefully it’s a step in the right direction.


  1. the mom and pop pizza place in my hometown, the owner gave it to a guy that had worked for them forever, just gave it to em, he still runs it and it’s still amazing pie.

  2. LAME

  3. Andy the Aardvark

    Am I crazy or did anyone else see Buckethead at 2:12?

  4. Funny how language and ideology can get in the way of this claim/idea.

    Plenty of people would consider the Catholic Church as a business now lmao

  5. Oh that’s why Chris took a long time to upload his video, Tom’s in japan!

  6. Wobblecam does not enhance the talking face. Tripod!

  7. You should visit the tepuis in South America

  8. Surprised he didn’t just get adapted, happens a lot in Japan, family buissness owners will adopt tone of their high executives if they want them to then run the company afterwards.

  9. If the mongolian had successfully landed the island….

  10. Can I just add that this is an absolutely gorgeous video? Even the talking-head segments! Well done to the whole team, it was definitely the right idea to bring a crew instead of a go-pro and a determination to get it in one take!

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