They Made a Theme Park for Cereal…

My favorite childhood theme park attraction. Sort of. Not truly. I vaguely recollect it. Let us check out Cereal Adventure.


Scott Cramer
PO Box 131
Horace, ND 58047

0:00 They truly did it.
2:11 Sponsor
3:44 Cereal Adventure
14:25 I gotta go back…



  1. Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats are top tier

  2. I’ll still be advocating for a “Diamond Dragons” theme park until I die (which will actually be relatively soon, lol)… but… hmmm, I suppose cereal *IS* far more adventurous and exciting…


  3. you had to pay admission to see an advertisement?

  4. Buy Your Own Damn Flowers

    Just moved to North Dakota and we are gonna go to mall of America soon. I’m stoked after this video 😄

  5. i sad he didnt say he was gonna snap crackle and pop

  6. Grew up in the Anoka, MN area and man seeing MOA takes me back

  7. Scott, I’m very disappointed to learn you’re not a Mac user.

  8. Where did Captain Hook get his hook?

    From a second hand store.

  9. scott is not struggling, scott is apparently TRENDING

  10. Perfect Protagonist

    I love how this video almost turned into a 20-minute ad for the Mall of America.

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