They Had No Idea How Lucky They Were

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  1. I thought I was impressive being able to hear a teacher’s recording at 2X speed, but that blind guy is a league of his own

  2. qweqwe Flinstone

    tryphobia hits hard when i saw guy with stains 💀

  3. 3:02 every other TF2 casual lobby

  4. 0:20 deniggafiying at 20% loading

  5. BullenTheBullen2

    I had a weevil (the bug with the unreal grip) in my armpit once… After that ordeal i took it outside in a glass but had to slam the glass onto the wall to get it out…

  6. Brede Schjelderup Nilsen

    The buss the real grip reaper

  7. Cute and smart sheep 🥰

  8. According to tour guides when you walk counter clock wise around these scarabs it’s supposed to bring good luck. Don’t be a sheeple and believe we are mindless sheeple, just following others for no reason. It’s to attain ancient Egyptian scarab luck, while the guides go for a cigarette.

  9. 0:30 bro can say half of the n word

  10. he is literally the living breathing daredevil

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