These Stupid Trucks are Literally Killing Us

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Engineers, planners, government officials, and advocates all around the globe are attempting to improve their towns and build more terrific walkable places with possible options to driving. But there is a looming trend that could undo all of that hard work: the growth of SUVs and light trucks.

This could all be solved if these pitiful suburbanites could just purchase little vehicles, station wagons, or minivans instead.

Script by Nicole Conlan and Jason Slaughter

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  1. Save $20 on an annual subscription to Nebula:

    Consumer Reports petition:

    CityNerd on pickup trucks:

    Truck babies can go cry somewhere else. I don’t have time for losers.

    • The external size of trucks increasing has more to do with government regulation in attempts to make them safer for pedestrian impacts than any desire by the makers or the drivers for them to be that way. The modern compact pickup is as big as a full sized pickup from the 90s because they have to change their design to incorporate those new regulatory requirements.

      It’s interesting how much of the ills we rail against stem from government intrusion in market forces. Whether it be taxes and tariffs, regulations, or PROTECTIONS of corporate entities against liability for their malfeasance.

      Property rights exist for a reason. While I’d prefer most people who need the space for people and things to drive a station wagon, I’d love to see those make a comeback, it is entirely immoral of me to attempt to force other people to conform to that subjective ideal via state violence. And it doesn’t help that many of the state interventions seem to hurt more than help. The sharp rise in pedestrian deaths AFTER the implementation of pedestrian safety regulations in their designs it quintessential government “helping”

    • This is a paid video of the Space Karen as he is not able to release his Cybertruck on time.

    • I’d agree a minivan is better than an SUV if your passengers are children. If you are going to have anyone taller than 5’10” getting into the back of a minivan it is an absolute chore. Even captain’s chairs don’t help much and you lose a seat for that slight improvement.

    • @Jerred Hamann ??? Every american maker that made sedans and coupes still makes sedans and coupes.

    • As you want a law against ‘superslødder’, you are by definition *WRONG!*

  2. Escafandra Visión

    Great video, but I also want to point the quality and the good taste of footage used. Loved the 70’s HD clips.

  3. I’ve been able to transport a 55 inch TV and sound bar in the back of my civic sedan.
    I was able to move everything but my furniture in my civic when I moved too.
    There’s quite a bit of space when you fold the rear seat down.
    A hatchback would make loading and unloading a bit more easier though

  4. UninstallingWindows

    The biggest problem is that the US has already reached the critical threshold where it is simply unsafe to drive a smaller car on the roads infested with trucks. The impact is just too unfair towards the other driver. Solution = No trucks in cities, unless you are carrying a heavy load that doesnt fit into a normal car. No parking of trucks in cities unless you are loading/unloading. Trucks on highways need to drive in their own lane…just like there are bus lanes…there should be a dedicated lane for heavy traffic. Heavy vehicles also damage road infrastructure more, so, they should be taxed higher than regular cars….maybe even require the use of special higher tax fuel( the opposite of how farming fuel works )

  5. I don’t see why not just implement the same system as is used in most places, cars above 3.5 tonnes require a special commercial drivers license, which increases the limit that you can drive to 12t. This dissuades most people here from getting a stupidly huge truck (besides the ugly g wagon trust fund kids) because that license costs at least 2 times more, and takes more time to complete. I got that license, and you usually drive an 8t truck while learning for it, which makes you drive in a much safer manner in general.

  6. This is the video I’ve been wishing for my whole life.

  7. I’m not sure if its mentioned, but there also is the Section 179 tax loophole allowing private practice owners to write off a cost of a vehicle over 6000 pounds

  8. “One of these vehicles is designed to efficiently carry lots of useful stuff, while the other is designed to carry fragile egos.” PERFECT

  9. From a lot of interesting videos by you, this is probably one of the best so far, because I now know better the political circumstances, that led to this mess on the streets. Now considering having regular evening walks to let out air of some SUV’s tires 😉

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