These Minecraft creates are not bogus

None of them are.

In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft video clip, Mumbo creates Minecraft secret entrances, Giant Minecraft Bank Vaults and other Minecraft redstone constructs that frequently get faked. These hidden minecraft secret rooms are shown in thumbnails, and they are never real. So using the Minecraft create mod and using Mumbo Jumbo redstone, Mumbo built makes Minecraft builds that aren’t fake.


  1. Mumbo, if I gave you 20 bucks would you send me a personalized vid explaining red stone basics. Not super in depth but more of generals. I’ve been watching your vids for years now and not once have I understood any of it but always thought WOW! I’m 21 now and I’ve recently got back into mc (ps4 sadly) but I’ve been on skyblock and I’m struggling to understand auto farms and how to make them effectively, I get all the matierals and I watch a lot of videos for them but I still never manage to get them to work properly, I know it’s because I’m lacking the understanding and it’s not the game, I wish I could understand this stuff easier but it takes me a little more to learn with this type of stuff, I’m a lot more knowledgeable on details to building rather than outright mechanics, I’m more hands on then read info. I doubt you’ll read this and im like 100% sure you won’t take a $dollar offer BUT IM DESPERATE HERE 😭 anyways Mumbo good stuff as always. Love your videos. I wish you well in everyday life.

  2. Was kinda hoping you’d use the new Minecraft commands for 1.19.4 instead of just using a mod. Maybe for a future video you could mess around with those commands to make some cool redstone builds

  3. you could just move the house insted of the bed

  4. I remember that thumbnail because when i saw it i thought “since when does Mumbo Jumbo do heavy clickbaits?”

  5. But like…the thumbnail is fake because that’s not a feature of minecraft…

  6. can we get Mumo on Zedaph’s Create server already?!

  7. A silly little video that I greatly appreciate.

  8. Poompitch Luangnaruethai

    I think mumbo doesn’t really know how to use create mods super glue

  9. get that new bike!

  10. Could you start a hermitcraft type server but with the create mod. And invite the people on hermitcraft?

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