Theresa May recalls uproarious moment when she dropped CHEESE in front of the Queen

Theresa May recalls humorous moment she dropped cheese in front of the Queen in moving, witty tribute to Her Majesty, who passed away yesterday evening at the age of 96.

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  1. What did you think of Theresa May’s speech?

  2. Very touched but the PM’s warm and respectful tribute to HMQ. It was personal and showed how much she admired the Queen.

  3. And the longest lasting monster is finally gone only to let the new world order leader in the throne

  4. what do the parliamentarians say when they all answer together?
    I cant understand the word

  5. She’s a funny one May. This is a great speech from someone whose personal touch has been so criticised. Watching these speeches I realise there is real talent there that does not translate into political accomplishment.

  6. What kind of these prople are who dont know on death they suppose to mourn or laugh…


  8. your famous serine 😌

    As a 12 year old girl who is living in London I know I’m rich, she had the best speech ever

  9. Not gonna lie, this was a very touching speech

  10. Not sure why dropping a piece of cheese is hilarious.

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