There’s Something About Amy (Part 2)

Amy was willing to do anything to get Sonic to notice her. She just desired Sonic and Amy to become some thing. A Sonamy thing. And that’s where Tails came in. In an attempt to cross the Sonic frontiers – from friendship to partnership – Amy Rose had the two-tailed fox head up her transfiguration into what she thought would be the dream female of Sonic the Hedgehog. But, has that brought about her being able to call herself Mrs. Sonic Hedgehog? Well… you will see.

This is not a Sonic Origins story. This is not some Sonic game to the pink-haired lady. In truth, she’s got a bad case of Sonic mania. What got started as a loving comedy in her mind, has turned into a Sonic vs Amy nightmare for her. Forget Sonic exe: Amy exe has entered the chat. If the blue blur is not mindful, he might go from Sonic Intact to Sonic Boom.


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  1. There’s Something About Amy (Part 3): August 4th, 2022.

    What do you think is gonna happen next?…

  2. What i learnd today never change for someone👍

  3. Miguel Henrique

    Ou mais god Sonic 😱😱😱 amy that

  4. me shay your new friend

    Dang girlll

  5. I think in part 3 amy goes to tails and kills tails and they both turn in to exes

  6. aghhhhhhhh🤣

  7. Finally part 2! 😀

  8. chito plays, ;-;

    That death was so brutal,And so was this animation,I have high expectations on the next animation,Good job mashed! Edit:The voice acting was freaking on the spot dude,Good job on that too! 👍

  9. Idk why this gives me yandere simulator vibes


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