There’s an alien IN MY HOUSE!

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This Episode ►
A group of teen aliens must take a detour when one of them discovers how delicious human snack-food is. 3D Character Effects done primarily with the use of WonderDynamics

Created by Peter France
Produced by Jordan Coleman


  1. Looks like animation done by video game quite an improvement for a AI tracking program but still needs a lot more

  2. You almost could do dailies with this 😅

  3. Combine this with nerfs and clothing that is easier to track and this could be improved a lot also smooth out the movement and increase facial expressions and add micro movments

  4. Still had his phone when falling back down

  5. He wasn’t only working on one 3D model like in his scooty short film but 3 main 1 temp and some props 3D and props

  6. 2:10 Now I am wondering what’s behind that blurred rectangle in the middle of the screen.

  7. is it weird my favourite bit was the merch plug at the end

  8. They actually made JADDU sequel 😂

  9. Dickson Cheung

    this is mind blowing….

  10. Șerban Andrei

    You’re the goat Peter!

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