Therapist Reacts to LILO & STITCH with visitor Rebecca Parham

What does your chosen family look like? Do you resonate with Lilo?

Licensed therapist Jonathan Decker, film producer Alan Seawright, and visitor Rebecca Parham of @LetMeExplainStudios are responding to the beloved Lilo and Stitch. It is Rebecca’s favorite movie, and it’s admired by so many for its portrayal of neurodivergent and autistic people. They discuss how Lilo’s neurodivergence makes her unique but misunderstood by her peers and adults. They discuss the emotional burden of having a broken family and how they heal through their shared value of Ohana. Alan praises Chris Sanders for vocalizing Stitch in a way that’s monstrous but also cute, and Rebecca gives credit to the directors for doing their research to accurately represent Hawaii and Hawaiian culture. And, of course, they cry.

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Cinema Therapy is:
Written by: Megan Seawright, Jonathan Decker, and Alan Seawright
Produced by: Jonathan Decker, Megan Seawright, Alan Seawright, Sophie Téllez, and Corinne Demyanovich
Edited by: David Sant
Director of Photography: Bradley Olsen
English Transcription by: Anna Preis


  1. Let Me Explain Studios

    So wonderful to have been a part of discussing this beautiful movie!! Thank you for having me!! ❤

  2. Nani is the hero of this movie.

  3. I didnt realise it till now, but this was/is still one of my favourite disney movies ever because it was one of the first films where the characters actually had a similar skin tone to me. That and stitch is cute as all hell.

    Crazy to think that it took me 15+ years to realise how much representation actually matters. Now granted, im not even hawaiin or samoan, im asian, but the brown skin really went a long way in helping me identify with the characters and movie

  4. Grace Elizabeth Edgin

    One of my favorite movies. This was one that didn’t involve a girl trying to find her prince charming.

  5. Conoday Productions

    I like how you got the two different drums in the clip. I like watching the drums change.

  6. Captain Karen Obvious

    I love how you used the OG scene at 8:52. In currently airing versions the dryer is now a counter with a pizza box propped against it.

  7. as a kid, the things lilo said and did always made sense to me. it’s only recently seeing this video, and being diagnosed as neurodivergent as a college student that i realize, oh, she was just like me! 😭

  8. Me and my sister lost our mother at 8 and 5 respectively. My sister loves this movie because of how it expresses grief, and to quote Vision from Wandavision “What is grief if not love persevering”

  9. First 45 seconds of the video and I’m already crying

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