The Worst Radioactive Ideas in Nuclear History

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Inventions in technology and science regularly find makes use of outdoors of their original intent, for instance with Alfred Nobel’s invention of dynamite, and the find of radiation and nuclear energy are no exception to this rule. With everything radium merchandise to nuclear weapons for ‘peaceable’ manufacturing, the atomic epoch had no lack of radioactive quackery and abnormal nuclear stories.


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  2. 15:38 so you’re saying that it *could* work if we just used orbital kinetic bombardment instead

  3. Thank you!

  4. Just watch out for the Russian bias

  5. Wow the channel is azaming! I wonder why I didn’t know this earlier

  6. There is a mistake, Maria Curie was Polish not french.

  7. 7:16 considering the amount of “Russian wonder units with amazing never seen before technology” that Putin is holding back but could unleash at any given moment (but for some reason chooses not too). Yeah I wouldnt worry too much

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  10. he did not just make an eternal loop between himself and Tim and radiation lessons

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