The World’s Thinnest Mechanical Keyboard

They say it is the world’s skinniest mechanical keyboard…
Keychron –


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  1. What kind of keyboard are you using?

  2. You lost some weight! Good job.

  3. I still prefer the Cooler Master SK keyboards.

  4. Can’t type, one finger SHAME!!!!!!!!

  5. Unpopular opinion #1: Thin, membrane keyboards are superior to mechanical keyboards

  6. Literally everybody on r/MechanicalKeyboards is fuming at you right now for your rude speech at 4:32
    On behalf of the entire subreddit;
    Shame to you.

  7. I’ve just been playing Unreal Tournament 1999 on my mechanical keyboard and what do I hear? RAMPAGE! 😀

  8. DotA 2 “RAMPAGE” at 0:44

  9. “mechanical keyboards are for edgel0rds” ???

  10. I Hate Mechanical Keyboard, Sounds Like Someone Is Dying Behind The Desk Working 24/7 Staring At A Screen Waiting To Smash All On Top Of Desk. Plus It Also Sounds Annoying Kinda Like If Somebody Had Butterfingers On Opening A TicTac. ?

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