The world’s most powerful powerlifter tries climbing // Larry Wheels

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Filmed by Joel Moody, edited by Magnus Midtbø

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world’s most powerful man VS rock climbing // Larry Wheels


  1. 100% a shoe size problem. Good job to the big lad!

    Now that the idea is planted in my head, I REALLY want to see Magnus as “old Spider-Man”!

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  2. LOW KEY Larry Wheels looks like The ROCK

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  3. It would be so cool to see you collab with Brian Shaw after he’s done with his WSM training this year.

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  4. So if you ever slept with Magnus’ mom, climb up a mountain.

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  5. Man seeing the two next to each other really highlights how good Magnus’s physique is. Naturally his physique is as good as it gets.

  6. I appreciate Larry’s enthusiasm. But Eddie was a better climber even at his weight. Eddie’s climbing at his size was incredible. Methinks Larry needs to do some cardio.

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  7. i miss anton already. need that collab back again.

  8. at least give him some climbing shoes……

  9. Larry was the first test Rock created in the lab then later generations would give way to the Rock we all know

  10. Magnus, you didn’t tell Larry to keep his arms straight as opposed to bent during climbs.

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