The World’s Most Insane Paintball Match…

We tried England’s Craziest Paintballing Game… and it was definitely crazy lol
CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING IF YOU ENJOY! We are close to 4 million… HOW?!

Mates – @Wilbur Soot @Ph1LzA @Tubbo
Edited by Tom & Elodie (@elodiegif on twitter)
Many thanks to @Wilbur Soot for aiding so much with the filming & things on this one!

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  1. me when i fight with my cousin be like: 12:18

  2. Phil when he hears voices echo from the forest: * Vietnam war flashbacks *

  3. Theres a mincraft paintball arena I’d pay to see them play there

  4. wilbur: man please stop-
    tommy: haha! gun!

  5. Karim Chandra F

    I just subcribe to 16 old and im 11 old just WTF

  6. Iris van der Veen


  7. Natalie Phillips

    I look forward to these every week

  8. Tommy scared

  9. Tommy : guns have never failed to solve my problems.
    Me : spoken like a true American 🙂

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