The Wild Update: Where Will You Wander? – Official Minecraft Trailer

Run free and douse in the natural beauty of the mangrove swamps. The Wild Update introduces the allay, frogs, and tadpoles to the Overworld’s environment. Find the natural beauty of building with mangrove timber and dirt blocks on June 7. Stay tuned to find everything that’s coming in Minecraft 1.19!


  1. add fireflys its cooler

  2. просто конал

    Tllier of course for***** but where is the birch forest mmm

  3. ჩიკიბამ ბუტა

    I wanted to see copper golem so bad 🙁

  4. When to update 1.19 on mobile

  5. eillen catherine


  6. I will wander around the updated birch forest oh…… wait

  7. Ahh yes, the 2 thirds of the minecraft biome vote plus caves part 3!

  8. I love the Minecraft trailers so bad cuz they make it so appealing!!

  9. What can be better

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