The Wild Update: What Will You Uncover? – Official Minecraft Trailer

Watch your step and tread guardedly. The Wild Update brings the deep dark to Minecraft. This new biome is full of different kinds of sculk blocks and an earsplitting silence. Investigate the very old towns and face-off with the warden on June 7. Stay tuned to find everything that’s coming in Minecraft 1.19!


  1. *cough…cough

    Caves and cliff part lll

  2. Still waiting for he texture pack to be released in the marketplace..

  3. 0:56 😍😍😍🔥

  4. Where is the swamp?

  5. Каллагн Даркнес`с

    This not the wild update.

  6. cục đất tv

    what if there is this update in version 1.20?
    Universe update

  7. The cave and cliff update part 3.

  8. Miranda H- Wood

    I don’t think they made it out guys D:

  9. bagas rakha putra nugroho

    Added this now mojang

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