The Whale (2022) Trailer Update | A24, Brendan Fraser, Release Date & Latest News!!

The Whale Movie (2022) –

Brendan Fraser’s new intellectual drama film has received 6 minutes of a standing applause at the 79th Venice film jamboree. After a long while comeback of many years, Brendan Fraser has impressed all the netizens on account of his role in The Whale Movie.

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  1. The Moment When Brendan Fraser Getting Emotional on Stage Got Me GOOSEBUMPS!!🔥🌟🔥

    • Made me cry knowing he is back on the screen. I wondered for years where he went, nothing beats seeing him again and knowing it seems he is doing OK.

  2. Lol big fat whale version of big gay Al in south park 🤣

  3. So the narrator mentions the guy is jerking off watching pornography and then ends with saying make sure you watch this movie with friends family and loved ones!!! 😂🤣

  4. When is the trailer dropping??

  5. “Masterbating”

    Later: “Make sure to watch it with friends and loved ones!”

    Yeah… how about no…

  6. I came for the trailer not for a fucking commentary about his 6 minute standing ovation

  7. Good for him. The trauma of his sexual abuse while in Hollywood caused his pulling away

  8. Oh shoot I thought that was Shane gillis.

  9. Glad to see him coming back to us.

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