The Weird World Of Mary Sues

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Today let us take a look at the notorious Mary Sue trope- faultless, gorgeous, overwhelmed and all around perfect, these magic sparkly rainbow neko kitsune royal princess overlords were the bane of every author and artist’s existence in the 2000’s and 2010’s. But why? Why did Mary Sues come into existence, why were they met with such hatred and vitriol, and why is there still so much drama surrounding them? Well, let’s take a deep dive into the trope, it’s history, and it’s impact on the internet!

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❤︎❤︎ TIMESTAMPS ❤︎❤︎
0:00 – Introduction
3:30 – A Mary Sue History Lesson
9:19 – Mary Sue Examples
23:27 – Pop Culture Mary Sues
28:41 – Mary Sues And Internet Culture
36:10 – Mary Sues In The Modern Day

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  1. … I had two…… fireswirl and waterdrip they were sibling alicorns in an alternative universe where it was fire and water instead of sun and moon

  2. “Rey Skywalker from Star Wars.” No, NO. She is Rey Nobody forever! An iconic queen who doesn’t need some family’s legacy.

  3. “She may even be 20% cooler than me!” 😂😂😂

  4. I used to have a creepypasta Mary Sue character💀 I sadly don’t remember what I named her but she used an axe and she had a tragic backstory lol. She was smart and pretty, and basically everything I wanted to be. I was bullied a lot as a kid and so I used her as a means of escapism and to cope with everything that was happening in my life. I was 11 when I made her lol

  5. I’m not very invested in fandom but I have read a lot of fanfic and Mary Sues are everywhere. I completely avoid OC stories because people seem incapable of writing one without making a badass, perfect, overpowered and worshipped self-insert. But even when they don’t make an OC, fanfic writers love making the main character of fandoms into Mary Sues where they’re “superior” version of the character, born with insane and impossible powers and a dark past, loved by everyone and yet bullied because they’re too perfect. Everyone is in love with them and their quirky-crazy personality and plot issues from the original source material don’t effect them at all because they’re untouchable.

    They’re annoying as hell and also highly amusing to read. I used to write fanfic when I was in middle school and i wrote a few in multiple fandoms. I freely admit I wrote a Mary Sue-ified character fanfic when I was 11 and it is still my most popular work of any I wrote lmao

  6. Honestly, I remember as a kid not caring really what my OCs were like, I just made them…but then I found out what Mary Sue’s were and the paranoia kicked in and yeah, it wasn’t fun. Nowadays, I think I’m in a good balance off trying to make sure the characters are characters while also not really caring for the Mary Sue thing. It just feels weird to me to go and make fun of OCs created by kids, especially to the point of making blogs to do so, since I remember a MH bad art blog on tumblr that would also review OCs and….yeah, my deuce gorgon sister got on there. Granted, by the time it did, I was old enough to not really care as I had long since rebooted that OC and they had the old version/art/old OC connections in the old version, but it was still such a, ‘I mean, you barley gave any advise, you just were sarcastic about young me having made her date a Doctor Who characters son and being a sibling of canon’, moment.

  7. my friends and i all made ocs that were intentional parody mary sues, gary stus, anti sues, etc and then decided to roleplay with them, and let me tell you that was one of the most freeing experiences ever. it made us all realize there’s a reason those tropes were so popular, because they were fun as heck. we honestly stopped caring they were so ridiculous, they were still enjoyable characters who we all got invested in. 10/10 would recommend making some mary sues with friends, basically.

  8. The first Mary Sue character I had was a TAWOG oc
    it was just Darwin but a girl and all the colors were changed to any shades of pink and she also had a bow. I also gave her some superpowers, the ability to fly and the fact that Darwin had a crush on her lol

  9. My first ever dungeons and dragons character was a Drow Assassin named Tsynne Graysoul (pronounced Sin) she was the daughter of an evil queen and was going to be sacrificed to the evil spider goddess but escaped and survived in the woods, binding a collection of forest spirits to her, represented with sparkly animal tattoos. She was a total bitch, collected the skulls of all her enemies, and i loved playing as her.

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