The Water-Cooled Overclockable Server! What??

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  3. Is that a padded motorcycle jacket???

  4. When I read watercooled I was thinking custom monoblock and an external radiator.

  5. 8:24 — This video sponsored by GEORGE SOROS

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    2:48 the ltt logo looks like a swastica

  7. stop changing the title

  8. hmmmmmm
    Wonder if Pulseway can be hacked to where your server can be shut down or corrupted
    *you KNOW SoMeOnE’s messed up enough to do this*
    I just quit Discord because my account got hacked and my personal convos leaked

  9. Really ? there is very little that cannot be OCed. Some times you need to write your own BIOS but that is really not that hard.

  10. this is literally just shovenism, cant you load server os’s on about any rig anyway? because im sure youve got some superclocked, supercooled pc that you couldve used instead

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