The Walking Dead Season 11 Finale ‘Rick’s Escape & Michonne’s Search For Rick’ Breakdown

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  1. My life belongs to Jesus

  2. same shit over and over, end it already

  3. Kinda surprised the Orange Box never once got mentioned, that was probably one of the most insane deals ever seen in gaming and no other deal has ever topped it.

  4. I can’t wait! I sure hope eventually Rick and Michonne are able to reunite with Darryl!

  5. Black IS Beautiful

    I am shook! 😱

  6. I don’t think that’s a group of people. She has her sword out. Also why would a giant group of people just be in a field like that with no supplies or food in sight.

  7. Rick, awesome. michonne, yea not so much. Always thought they ruined the show once they made them a thing. Show went down hill ever since.
    Should have made a Rick n Maggie.

  8. •DamagedButWorthyENT

    Rest in peace Rosita. ❤️

  9. evil_muscle muscled

    Did you see Rosita do her own stunt when she was climbing the side of the wall and falls. Look close, there’s one of them stunt air balloons that are for landing on . When she gets up it’s gone

  10. “Why are you shooting at me? Grow up.”
    This is why I love this channel. :-/

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