The VERY moment you begin to heal in a battle royale.

When your whole team is battling but you are in a corner someplace.

Oddwin – 19


  1. Ethereal Dweller


  2. Them 5 seconds on that shield battery feel like 50 mins

  3. It always be when you too far in to cancel but not close enough for your team to survive

  4. ❤Search for miracles of the holy “Quran”❤

  5. Interdimensional Skirmisher

    Phoenix kit and syringe has the same feel

  6. Oh he play apex legends what a goat lol

  7. Apex at its best

  8. So accurate. As soon as he was downed he paused and left the game

  9. Eheheheheh….ahahahahahahahha… life

  10. What is he playing he healing like apex has an outfit like call of duty and a fortnite health bar

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